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Helping your business communicate.

I have known Brett Norman from Your Comms Group for about 10 years.

Your Comms Group can meet all of your telephone handset, calls and fixed line needs.

To find out more and get a discount, email and quote code SCC002

Your Comms Group

Procurement, nutrition and compliance.

I came across One Cost in March 2020 when I could not get supermarket delivery slots for my small care home.  Kevin Hesketh from One Cost sorted us out with an account within a few days and we were able to get twice-weekly food deliveries. One Cost is not only efficient, it gives you a cost-saving too.

To find out more, email and quote code SCC001.

One Cost

I have been working with Strategic Thinking for a couple of years to edit and review all of their social care training courses which are part of the Training Manager product. When I started to review the courses I was really impressed by how detailed and in-depth they were. Now, following the review, the courses are applicable all over the UK as we have mapped them to the relevant legislation and standards. Strategic Thinking and Social Care Consultants Ltd have decided to collaborate to promote the Training Manager and the other Strategic Thinking products to the social care sector.  Please visit and have a look, you will not be disappointed.  If you would like a demo please get in touch with the team at Strategic Thinking, if you quote code SCC003 then you will get a discount.  I really do think that this is an awesome suite of software. 

Strategic Thinking

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Why have affiliates?

Good question!  For many years I have been asked to recommend or endorse products and services in return for a referral fee.

Whilst I have been happy to recommend products and services that I think meet the needs of my social care clients, I have done so out of the goodness of my heart … well, to be honest, I did not have a mechanism to link my referral to the service and get the offered referral fee!

I am increasingly being asked to recommend products and services so I have bitten the bullet and had this page written.

I will receive a small referral fee if you place an order using the codes below.

In some instances, the code will even get you a discount, in every instance, it will get you what I think is a great product or service. But, you must be the judge of that.

I believe these are good products and services offered by good people that I know, please talk to them and make up your own mind. If you decide that you can work with them then that’s great.

This page is never going to make me rich but it may put providers of services in touch with people who need those services and that’s good for us all.

Connecting people and systems

Haelu is a Welsh start-up focused on accessible and achievable digital adoption. The team share a passion to build innovative technologies that can support a more connected and sustainable future for health and social care.

Haelu has a history of collaborating with organisations and individuals that align with our core values. Through a partnership with Canadian and US market leader, Cliniconex, Haelu has brought the groundbreaking care coordination tool, Automated Care Messaging, to the UK.

ACM is trusted by 1,500+ care providers, enabling them to send broadcast, omnichannel notifications to families, residents, and staff. Homes using ACM have the freedom to be more proactive with their updates and announcements, while using a fraction of the resources and time.

ACM is built as a product, not a large-scale project, and is so simple that a demo of the whole system takes just 15 minutes. To see it in action visit and quote code SCC004 for a 10% lifetime discount.

Haelu Ltd